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All You Need to Know About a Sip and See

All You Need to Know About a Sip and See // Lovely & Planned #sipandsee

A sip and see is a fun way to introduce your new baby to your friends and family! So, let’s take a closer look at what that means exactly and what you need to know to plan your baby-welcome-party with ease!!

What is a sip and see

Unlike a baby shower or baby sprinkle, a sip and see occurs AFTER your baby was born. It literally means to “sip” drinks and “see” the little one for the first time. While a baby shower can be very extravagant, a sip and see usually is more relaxed and laid back.

All you need to know about a sip and see


Who plans a sip and see?

Usually, the baby’s parents plan a sip and see.

When should you host a sip and see?

Between 1 and 6 months after the baby was born is ideal. My advice is not to plan the sip and see too early but give yourself time to adjust to your new family situation first and get into a routine. You should be looking forward to your party and not be stressed out by the thought of having loads of people (and germs) around your newborn!

Where should you host it?

If you are planning something like a brunch or High Tea, then a cafe or restaurant would be a good idea. On the other hand, if you are planning a low-key open house (which means guests can come and go during a set time frame) throwing your sip and see at your home is very convenient.

How long should the party last?

A good rule of thumb is around 2 hours. If you host an open house, state the time frame on your invitation.

Guests & Gifts

Who should you invite?

Invite close friends and family and anyone else you would like to meet your precious little one. It is totally up to you, and there are no set rules who you should or shouldn’t invite.

What about gift etiquette?

Unlike with a baby shower, guests are not expected to bring gifts. However, many will bring a small present for the baby anyway, so don’t forget to set up a gift table and don’t feel obliged to open them during the party.

Tip: If you already had a baby shower or baby sprinkle, don’t include a registry on the invitation.

Should you hand out party favors and send thank-you cards?

Party favors are entirely optional for a sip and see. However, my advice is always to send thank-yous, as this shows that you genuinely appreciated your guests’ presence!

Food & Drinks

What should you serve?

It is called a SIP and see for a reason. So your guests expect some refreshments. Serve lemonade, ice-tea, coffee, or some alcohol like mimosas, cocktails, champagne, or wine. As for food, there is no need to go all out. Serve small snacks instead.

Here some ideas:

  • finger sandwiches
  • sweet table with cookies, scones, muffins, cake pops, and cupcakes
  • ice-cream bar
  • fruits dipped in chocolate
  • fruit and cheese platter
  • veggie platter
  • light brunch

Decoration & Games

Should you have a theme?

There is no need for an elaborate theme or decoration for a sip and see. But if you do decide to glam it up, here are some cute theme ideas that I love:

  • Welcome to the World (travel theme)
  • Born to be Wild (safari theme)
  • You are my Sunshine (sunflower theme)
  • Look Whoooo’s Here (owl theme)
  • A New Chapter in Our Life (book theme)
  • Hello Honey (bee theme)

Do you play games at a sip and see?

Games are not a must. After all, your guests are first and foremost here to see your new bundle of joy!

Some more questions

Is it OK to have a baby shower and a sip and see?

Absolutely! You can even invite the same people to both parties!

Should you hire professional help?

Yes! Having help makes life so much easier, especially with a newborn! You already have so much on your plate as new parents, so permit yourself to reach out for help. Hire a baker for your sweet table, a florist for the table decoration, and a photographer to capture this beautiful day for life long memory!

In short, a sip and see is a casual get together with your loved ones to introduce and celebrate your new baby!!

Is there anything else you would like to know about a sip and see? Or do you have any more tips on how to plan one? Leave a comment!! As always, I love to hear from you!!

x Michaela

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All You Need to Know About a Sip and See // Lovely & Planned #sipandsee

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