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5 Proven Rules for a Stunning Baby Shower

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Planning a baby shower?? YAY!! That’s so much fun! Now there are many things you need to consider: deciding on a date, determining the guest list and your budget, finding a venue,… the list goes on and on!! But my absolute favorite step is finding a theme and planning a stunning decoration!! So today, I want to share my 5 baby shower decoration tips with you!!

If you want to wow your guests, you need to make sure that your decoration is cohesive!! I know this can be challenging but if you stick to my 5 proven rules, I promise that the outcome will be stunning and your guests will be blown away!!

Rule 1 – Your design framework: theme, style and color palette

Don’t ever skip that step!! I promise this will save you a ton of work later on! Decide on a theme, a style, and a color palette as early as possible as it will influence ALL your next decoration steps.

When it comes to your theme, style and color scheme, everything is allowed! But keep a few factors in mind: the baby’s gender (if it’s not a neutral theme), the preferred venue, the season and above all, the baby mama’s preference! After all, a baby shower is supposed to honor the mom-to-be!!

My tip: Once you have decided on your theme, style and color palette write them down! Statistics show that we are more likely to stick to something when we put it on paper. 


Rule 2 – Visualize your party: Create a mood board

You can do this either on your computer (PowerPoint, Pinterest board…) or craft one! Use magazines to cut out pictures, add fabrics or glue toys to your mood board to give it more texture. Extra bonus: after the baby shower you can frame your masterpiece for a fun and cute reminder!

Don’t forget to include your color palette on the mood board! But remember that you don’t need to include every single item you are going to use at your baby shower. Your mood board should serve as an inspiration rather than a strict list of must-haves! Creating a mood board is actually my absolute favorite step of my 5 baby shower decoration tips!! 

baby shower decoration tips mood board- Lovely & Planned- welcome to this world theme

Rule 3 – Send out themed invitations

Now that you know the theme, the color palette, the style and the feeling that you want to convey with your baby shower, it’s time to create or order your invitations. Make sure you don’t send them later than 6-4 weeks prior to the party. If you want to send online invitations, Paperless Post is my go-to shop!

baby shower decoration tips invitation- Lovely & Planned- welcome to this world theme

Rule 4 – It’s all about the food

Rule 4 of my 5 baby shower decoration tips is to try to incorporate your color palette and the theme in your food as well. For instance, for a pink-themed shower, you could offer a fruit and yogurt parfait with raspberries. Hosting a star themed shower? What about home-made star-shaped potato chips?

Tip: If you are preparing the food yourself, keep it simple and choose things that can be prepared in advance and eaten at room temperature. After all, you don’t want to miss the party because you are stuck in the kitchen, right!?

And don’t forget about the desert/candy table! This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your theme, color scheme and style! There are millions of cute cupcake, cake-pop, cookie and cake inspirations out there!! And remember, desert can never be too cute!!

baby shower decoration tips cake table- Lovely & Planned- welcome to this world theme

Rule 5- The final decoration

Use flowers!! Flowers are the easiest and loveliest way to upgrade any decoration. My absolute favorite ones for baby showers are baby’s breath and garden roses!!

Extra tip: If you buy or rent decoration for your baby shower, always have your mood board handy to make sure you stay within your theme and color palette. Otherwise, it can be sooo easy to get carried away by the many cute options out there!!

baby shower decoration tips thank you for your gifts- Lovely & Planned- welcome to this world theme- baby's breath

Have loads of fun, putting everything together and if you stick to these 5 easy and proven baby shower decoration tips, I promise you will wow your guests!!

And remember to thank your guests with a little take-home gift that coordinates with your theme and color scheme! Small favors really show how much you appreciate your guests!! 



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Photography: Lightronin | Flowers: Blossom Tree Dubai | Stationery: Prêt à Papier | Furniture Rental: Mint Event Rentals | Cake, Cupcakes & Cake Pops: Yvonne Cake Creations | Planning & Styling: Lovely & Planned

5 Proven Rules for a Stunning Baby Shower // Lovely & Planned #babyshower

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