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Baby Sprinkle: What It Is and How to Plan a Fabulous One

Baby Sprinkle: What It Is and How to Plan a Fabulous One // Lovely & Planned #babysprinkle

The best way to honor the arrival of another child is with a baby sprinkle! Not sure what that is? Then keep on reading, as I will explain the difference between a baby shower and a baby sprinkle, how you can plan a fabulous one, and answer 11 frequently asked questions!

What is a baby sprinkle

A baby sprinkle is to celebrate a second, third, or more baby! The significant difference to a baby shower is that a baby sprinkle is more low-key! It’s a cozy, relaxed get to getter with closets friends and family! Nevertheless, it’s certainly no less fun!!

How to plan a fabulous baby sprinkle

To get started, ask the expecting mother what SHE wants, her vision, ideas, and also her absolute no-goes! If you need some inspiration, what kind of questions you should ask, check out this blog post: What You Need to Know for Planning an Amazing Baby Shower.

Set a date

As with baby showers, you should hold a baby sprinkle no fewer than two months from the due date. The closer the date, the busier it will get for the parents-to-be. Also, two months before the due date gives them still enough time to choose and buy any remaining items, they are still missing. Plus, you shouldn’t take the risk that the mom-to-be might deliver early.

Set a theme

Even though the decoration of a baby sprinkle shouldn’t be as elaborate as for a baby shower (remember, a baby sprinkle is more casual), consider a theme. It makes decorating so much easier as it gives you tons of inspiration for food, drinks, invitation design, and even games!

Theme ideas:

  • Sprinkles of Love: this is the most obvious theme! Use loads of colorful sprinkles on food and in the decoration. Think confetti balloons and chocolate-dipped fruits covered in sprinkles!
  • It’s a Jungle Out There: with another wild one arriving, this is the perfect theme for a baby sprinkle. Glam it up by choosing a gold and green color scheme and incorporating tropical forest foliage.
  • Spa-Day: a girl’s spa day gives the mom-to-be one last pampering day before it gets even crazier with a new baby in the house! Think cucumber face masks, pedicures, moisturizing hand treatments, and strawberry mom-osas! Everything goes as long as it is super relaxing!
  • B(A)B(Y)Q: I love this theme for coed baby sprinkles. It’s easygoing and loads of fun. Serve fresh lemonade in mason jar mugs and mini pub-burgers. Decorate your table with a gingham tablecloth, and you are all set for a chilled, backyard baby sprinkle!

Send out invitations

Sending out online invitations for a baby sprinkle is perfectly fine! If you want to send traditional ones that’s OK too. Either way, send the invites about 3 weeks before the sprinkle. Ask for RSVPs 2 weeks before the shower, as this still gives you enough time to follow up on anyone who hasn’t replied before you finalize the details.

Tip: specify somewhere on the invitation that it is a sprinkle. It might also be a good idea to explain very briefly what a baby sprinkle is, so guests know what to expect.

Invitation wording ideas:

  • Twinkle, Twinkle! It’s time for a Sprinkle.
  • Baby dreams and planning galore, Davy and Anne are having one more.
  • Big sister Lea has plenty to share. It’s just a sprinkle to show that we care. Not much is needed. Just the basics will do. Like diapers, wipes, gift cards, and an outfit or two!
  • Little babies are filled with so much fun. We’ve decided to have another one! With another sweet baby on the way, we hope you will join us to brighten the day.
  • Baby smiles and giggles galore, Davy and Anne are having one more! Big brother Kev has plenty to share. This is only a “Sprinkle” to show that we care.
  • Another sweet smile to brighten our day. Another tiny hand to hold along the way! Davy and Anne are excited to say, that big brother Kev has a baby sister on the way!

Serve food and drinks

As with the decoration, keep it simple and coordinate it with your theme if your plan is a fabulous baby sprinkle! Some overall ideas:

  • Simple dessert table with mini cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and brownies
  • Finger food
  • Snacks like raw veggies and dips, cheese cubes and crackers, nuts and olives
  • Popcorn (e.g., for a movie night theme)
  • Light brunch
  • BBQ

Include older siblings

Becoming an older sister or brother might be very challenging for the sibling. So try to make the baby sprinkle a special day for them too. You could, for example, give them a role during the sprinkle or ask them to help with the decoration. Another cute idea is to bring them a gift that celebrates their new identity as the older brother or older sister, like a personalized book or a cute outfit.


Who plans a baby sprinkle?

As with baby showers, usually, a friend or family member plans a baby sprinkle.

Can you have a baby sprinkle after the baby is born?

Yes, then it’s called a sip and see sprinkle.

Who should you invite to a baby sprinkle?

Remember, a sprinkle should be low-key, relaxed, and cozy. So there is no need to invite the whole neighborhood, all work colleagues and remote cousins. Invite people that are truly near and dear to the mother-to-be, or both of the parents if it’s a coed sprinkle.

How long should a baby sprinkle last?

A good time for a baby sprinkle is around 2 hours. Another idea is to have an open house, which means guests can come and go as they wish during a set timeframe.

Should guests bring gifts?

It’s definitely not a must, but it’s a nice gesture to bring a small, inexpensive gift.

Should you have a registry?

A registry is always helpful for your guests. But don’t put a registry on the invitations, instead be prepared to have one if guests ask about it.

What are some gift ideas for a baby sprinkle?

Unlike with a first baby, the parents probably already have all the big-ticket items. So instead, go for essentials such as diapers, diaper cream, baby wipes, and bibs. If you want something more distinctive, think about new cute baby clothes, bedding or books. Gift cards (under 50$) for the mom-to-be are also lovely gifts. Ideas include a postpartum massage, a gift card from her favorite take-out restaurant, or coffee-shop.

What about favors and gift bags?

Favors and gift bags are optional at a baby sprinkle.

Should we play games?

That’s absolutely up to the mom-to-be!

Should we send thank you cards?

Yes! Even if not everyone brought a gift, send thank-you cards to let people know that you appreciated their presence and support. That’s the icing on the cake for a fabulous baby sprinkle!

Is a baby sprinkle tacky?

No way 🙂

Do you have any more questions about a baby sprinkle or any other baby celebration?? As always, I’d love to hear them in the comments!!

x Michaela

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Baby Sprinkle: What It Is and How to Plan a Fabulous One // Lovely & Planned #babysprinkle

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