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Hi, I'm Michaela, the heart behind Lovely & Planned. This blog is all about elopements and destination weddings, but you'll also find general tips and advice on wedding planning. I'm so happy to have you here! Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while!

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Finding YOUR Elopement Dress – Everything You Must Know I Q & A with Modern Romance

You have decided to elope and are super excited about your adventure. But now you are wondering about THE dress. You might be asking Do I have to wear a dress when eloping? Does my wedding dress have to be white? Or even: Can I still wear that gorgeous ballgown dress for my destination elopement? 

So in this blog post, I asked Thuhien, the owner of Modern Romance a Bridal Boutique in the Netherlands, about all things elopement dresses.

Some of the questions we tackle in this blog post are How do you travel with your wedding dress? What do brides usually wear when eloping? Or are there any dress styles and fabrics that work particularly well for destination elopements? 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Headshot of Thuhien, the owner of Modern Romance, standing in her modern bridal boutique in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

Meet the Expert:

Thuhien is the owner of Modern Romance, a modern bridal boutique in Hilversum, the Netherlands. At Modern Romance, brides find unique wedding dresses in romantic, bohemian, and non-traditional styles.

“Hi, my name is Thuhien. I love everything bridal, and I enjoy working with our brides on a daily basis. It’s so special to be part of their journey of finding the dress and sharing such a special and once-in-a-lifetime moment with them.”

Image by Raisa Zwart Photography

How do you find your perfect elopement dress?

Q: Often couples wonder what they are supposed to wear on their elopement day and if there is a specific dress code for eloping. Can you shed some light on what brides usually wear? 

A: Brides can wear anything they want on their elopement. Whether it’s a jumpsuit, midi dress, or a wedding dress with a long train. As long as the bride feels comfortable to move in it the whole day.

Q: Is there a difference between a wedding dress and an elopement wedding dress?

A: Most brides choose a simple wedding dress or jumpsuit for their elopement. But I think it’s also perfectly fine to wear a wedding dress when you elope. Brides should not feel limited to a certain style or type of wedding dress or jumpsuit.

Q: Are there dress styles or certain fabrics that you would recommend for eloping, especially for destination elopements?

A: Couples often elope in another country. The way to their destination should be fun and relaxed. Therefore, I recommend choosing a light and easy dress to travel with. A ball gown should be avoided because it is so big and heavy. It’s definitely not the most ideal gown to travel with.

Q: How should a bride prepare for her wedding dress shopping? 

A: I recommend spending time on the internet (especially Pinterest and Instagram) to search for gowns. Make a mood board or save photos of dresses that you like. Then start choosing the style you want to go for. Keep narrowing down until you have a clear idea about what type of dress you would like to wear on your wedding day. Then visit a bridal shop that carries the designers and styles you like, and let’s begin!

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Q: How should you store your wedding dress before and after your elopement? 

A: Your dress should be stored in a breathable wedding dress bag. Hang the dress at a dry place where there is no direct sunlight, for example, in your closet.

Q: What are your tips for traveling with wedding attire, especially for traveling by plane?

A: Check with the airlines for possibilities. Some airlines can hang your wedding dress in a first-class closet. If this is not possible, then you can pack your dress carefully in a suitcase, with no other items in it. Make sure you bring a hand steamer with you, so you can steam all the ceases out when you arrive at the destination.

Q: Usually, it’s recommend buying the wedding dress around 8-12 months before the wedding, so there is plenty of time to order the dress and make any adjustments. However, as elopements are often spur-of-the-moment affairs, brides might need to buy a wedding dress off the rack. Do you have any tips about buying an “aisle-ready” dress?

A: Keep an eye on sample sales! It’s the perfect opportunity for last-minute brides to purchase the dress and have it ready for the wedding in a short time.

Q: Do you have any more tips that we haven’t covered yet, about how to find your perfect wedding dress for your elopement?

A: Follow your heart and choose the dress or jumpsuit that you love most! Don’t let others’ opinions or expectations influence your decision. You are the one who’s wearing it, so it’s your opinion and feelings that count.

Let’s get to know Thuhien a little bit better

Q: What inspired you to start Modern Romance?

A: 4 years ago, the love of my life proposed to me. I was so excited for our big day, and I couldn’t wait to find the dress. When I started with my wedding dress hunt, I found out that it was really hard to find shops that carry the style & designers that I liked. As a little girl, my dream was always to own my own shop. After my own wedding dress shopping experience, I realized the Dutch bridal market needed more modern bridal vendors. And this is how I started with Modern Romance.

Q: What’s your favorite part of being a wedding dress consultant?

A: It’s very special to be part of such an unforgettable moment for the bride and her entourage. To see their happiness and make part of heartwarming moments. That is definitely the best part of this job.

Q: What’s the biggest bridal fashion trend you are seeing right now?

A: I see a lot of square necklines, puffy sleeves, and high slits these days, and I love all these trends!

Q: What’s one bridal fashion trend you hope to see more of?

A: I hope to see more wedding dresses that can be worn in two different ways. It’s an ideal way to change to a different look, without having to buy a second outfit.

The interior of Modern Romance, a modern bridal boutique in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Gorgeous wedding and elopement dresses for the romantic, bohemian, and non-traditional bride hanging in the background.
Image by Poems by Light

I hope you found much value in this post. If you want to find out more about Modern Romance, head over to the website www.modernromance.nl and follow them on Instagram @modernromancebridal for more wedding dress inspiration!

If you are looking for elopement wedding dress designers, here are some of my favorites, especially for destination weddings (all brands are available at Modern Romance!):

Did you know that I’m a destination wedding planner for Amsterdam and Dubai? If you are interested in how I can help you plan your destination wedding, get in touch with me today to set up a complimentary consultation call!

Love, Michaela 


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