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How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower

How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower // Lovely & Planned #babyshower

If you are pregnant right now, you might be worried that you miss out on your baby shower due to social distancing. So how about a virtual baby shower instead? After all, having a baby is THE milestone life event that you want to celebrate and share with all your loved ones! Being pregnant is not always a walk in the park, so you deserve to have that one special day even during a pandemic!! 

Virtual baby showers are just as much fun and unique and have a few advantages:

  • They are way cheaper! You save a lot of money as you don’t have to buy any food or drinks and you don’t need to rent a venue.
  • They are super relaxing! No need to worry about cleaning your house or setting up (a lot of) decoration. Your guests celebrate within the comfort of their living rooms.
  • You can plan your own shower! No etiquette restrictions apply which means, your shower your rules!

Long-distance baby showers have been around for many years and have helped moms-to-be to celebrate with their loved ones even if they lived thousands of miles away from each other.

So without further ado, here are ten steps on how you can host a virtual baby shower!!  

Step 1: Lay the groundwork

Like with any other in-person baby shower, you need to set a date and a time. If you like, you can also choose a theme and a color scheme and set up a baby registry, for example, on Amazon. Then after creating a guest list with everyone’s email addresses, you are all set for step number two. 

Step 2: Choose a platform

There are quite a few options available for hosting your virtual baby shower like Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet (Hangouts). The best platform to use is the one you feel most comfortable with! Simply because there might be a few guests that are not as tech-savvy, and you need to be prepared to fix minor issues. 

Also, do some research before choosing your platform, for example, with Skype, everyone needs a Skype account. On the other hand, if you decide to host your baby shower on Zoom, you need to have a paid plan if the party will take longer than 40 minutes.  

An alternative to all these “meeting platforms” is WebBabyShower, an online service specifically designed for hosting virtual baby showers. 

Step 3: Send invitations

Pick invitations that match your theme and color scheme. Because you host a virtual baby shower, online ones work perfectly. You can either send regular emails or send invitations through websites. My favorite online invitation website is Paperless Post. Their designs are adorable, and customizing and sending your invites is simple and straightforward.

No matter how you choose to invite your guests, make sure you include the following information:

  • date and time
  • the platform you are hosting the baby shower on
  • how your guests can log in e.g., by already adding the hangout link
  • a link to your registry and an address where to send the gifts to 

Step 4: Know how you want to handle presents

There are two great ways to handle the gift opening for a virtual baby shower. 

Option 1: Have guests send their presents before the party, so that you can open them in front of the camera during the shower. 

Option 2: Have your guests hold on to their gifts. They unwrap them in front of the camera for you during the shower and mail them afterward. 

Either way, make sure you include your wish on the invitation, so guests know what they should do. 

Step 5: Prepare care packages for your guests

About a week before the shower, send out care packages to your guests. Some ideas what you can include:

  • cute decoration items that match the theme and color scheme such as balloons, garlands or confetti
  • some sweets
  • baby shower cookies
  • any baby shower game equipment like printables (with the hint not to look at it until the shower!)
  • and your baby shower favors

These thoughtful little packages, get everyone even more excited and set the mood for the shower.

Step 6: Decorate your space

Even though you don’t need to decorate your whole place, add a festive vibe to your shower by hanging up a few balloons or a garland in the area where you will have the live video chat.

If you love decoration, you can go all out with a baby shower backdrop. You can order them on Amazon or Etsy. They come in different sizes, colors, and themes. 

If you don’t like to decorate but have already set up your nursery, why not do the baby shower in there? The guests will love to see the baby’s place!

Step 7: Send reminders

For a virtual baby shower, it is even more important to remind your guests. As people don’t need to attend your shower physically, it is easier to forget about it. 

I suggest you remind them the day before the shower. You can use this final reminder to check in if everyone received the link and if there are any questions regarding the login.

Step 8: Prepare baby shower games

If you love baby shower games, there are plenty you can play, even during a virtual shower. 

Here some suggestions:

Who knows mommy best: Create a list of facts that your guest may not know about you and let them guess the answers by entering them into the chat.  

The price is right: Hold up four to six baby items like baby clothes, a bag of diapers, or a baby bottle and let everyone guess the total price of all things together. Again your guests can enter their answers into the chat or write them on a piece of paper and hold it into the camera. The one with the closest guess wins.   

Scavenger hunt: Have your guests try to find items around their house on a scavenger hunt list. Set a time like 3 minutes, and whoever finds the most things during that time wins!  

Guest baby photo contest: Before the shower, have your guests email baby photos of themselves and put them together in a slideshow. During the shower, have the guests guess who is who. 

Digital baby book: This is an adorable idea if you organize a baby shower for someone else. Create a word document or google docs and collect tips, recipes, wishes, or anything else you and your guests can think of for the mom-to-be. Then export it to a PDF and send it to her.

For more fun baby shower games, that you can also play virtually, have a look on Etsy.

Virtual local gift cards make great prices for virtual shower games, as you can easily mail them to the winners right after the shower. 

Step 9: Set a timeframe and stick to it

I always suggest having a start and an end time for a baby shower, no matter if it is a virtual or an in-person one. 

That way, people know what to expect, and it is easier for you to navigate through the shower. For a virtual shower, I recommend 1 to 1 1/2h hours tops. 

Step 10: Send Thank-Yous

Let your guests know that you genuinely appreciated them celebrating with you by sending out thank-you cards the traditional way. A little thought goes a long way!! 

Although you won’t be able to hug your family and friends, you will feel the love, support, and happiness!! Let this be your special day!! Even during a crazy time like we are experiencing right now, you deserve to have fun and to celebrate the miracle of life!!

As always, I love to hear your thoughts!! Have you had a virtual baby shower before? Tell me about your experience!!

x Michaela

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How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower // Lovely & Planned #babyshower

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