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The Cutest Outdoor Cake Smash + 5 Quicktips How to Plan One

The Cutest Outdoor Cake Smash + 5 Quick Tips How to Plan One // Lovely & Planned #cakesmash

A cake smash is such an adorable way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday!! It’s fun, and the pictures are a precious memory for years to come!!

But before I share all the cute images of this little cuties 1st birthday, here are my 5 quick tips on how you can plan your outdoor cake smash very easily yourself!! 

Quick tip 1: Preparation is everything

First, choose a theme or at least a color scheme. This makes planning a lot easier when you decide on a cake, your little one’s outfit, and all the props you want to bring.

Next, think about the outfit in more detail! Think bigger than just a dress or pants but also about diaper covers, hair accessories, bows, suspenders, and shoes. That said, I don’t think that shoes are necessary for an outdoor cake smash unless, of course, it’s cold outside! No matter which outfit you choose, it should be easy to clean because it will get stained!

If you plan to get a few pictures with your little one (which I highly recommend!!), make sure your outfit complements your baby’s and the theme of the shoot. 

Finally, pack loads of props that work well with your theme. For our shoot, we chose a picnic theme, so we brought blankets, fresh fruits, and vegetables (in case baby would be more into healthy snacks- which can totally happen, by the way!), wooden crates, and a teepee. 

Once you are at the location of your shoot, you can always add or remove props. Your photographer will help you with that to make sure your photos look the best!

Here are some prop ideas for an outdoor cake smash: 

  • many small balloons or one giant balloon 
  • one or two stuffed animals that correlate with the theme
  • a “ONE” sign 
  • a teepee for a more bohemian look
  • wooden crates to complement a rustic theme
  • pillows and blankets for a picnic inspired shoot

Quick tip 2: The right cake

If possible, go for a professional one! After all, it is called a CAKE smash, so the cake does play a vital role!!

As for the topping, buttercream is the best choice because it is super easy for little hands to dig into. Choose colors like pink, white, yellow, or even light green. Red can quickly look like a Halloween disaster, and blue is very hard to clean. 

For the dough, simple vanilla dough works perfectly. Chocolate or strawberry dough, on the other hand, doesn’t look nice once wet. 

Serve the cake at room temperature for the perfect smashing texture!

If you want to pimp your cake, decorate it with (edible, organic and pesticide-free) flowers, a cake topper and place it on a cute cake stand. As for the cake stand, you can get creative using wood slices, small crates, or vintage-inspired cake stands for the bohemian, vintage, tea party theme! 

Quick tip 3: The right timing

Plan the photoshoot in terms of your baby’s nap times and meal times! After all, you want to make sure your baby is refreshed and ready for a fun shoot! 

Tip: If possible, take your photos in the morning or late afternoon as the sunlight tends to be the best during those hours! 

Quick tip 4: Practice makes perfect

Create a kind of a mini photoshoot scene a couple of days before your shoot. Sit on the floor, have a cupcake that looks and tastes similar to the real cake, encourage your little one to dig in, and make a mess! Sometimes babies are a little shy in situations they haven’t experienced before. 

But even if you practice at home and it seems like your baby is the new cake smash champion, be prepared that on the day of the shoot your babe might not care less about the cake, let alone smashing it. 

So, just in case, here a few extra tips that you can try to get your little one motivated: 

  1. Bring your baby’s favorite toy to the shoot. Even if you are not using it as part of the decoration, it can come in very handy for motivation.
  2. Have your babe’s favorite snacks with you like goldfish crackers or popcorn that you can sprinkle over the cake and let your baby pick them out with their fingers.
  3. If that doesn’t work, try to feed some cake to your baby. Chances are they get hooked on the taste and want some more.
  4. And finally, take your babe’s hand and put it in the cake yourself to get the cake smash rolling! 

Quick tip 5: Prepare for cleanup

Almost as important as preparing for the cake smash itself, is preparing for the cleanup. After all, we are hoping it gets very messy!

So here is a little cleanup packing list:

  • baby wipes
  • kitchen paper rolls
  • extra pair of clothes for everyone who is there to help
  • extra pair of clothes for the baby
  • bags to take dirty clothes home
  • doggy bag for the leftover cake if there is any

I hope these 5 quick tips help you to plan your adorable cake smash in less than no time!!

Below I put together some images of a cuties 1st birthday I planned last year. The pictures of this picnic inspired cake smash, were taken by the talented family photographer Esther Schog Fotografie, the delicious buttercream cake was from Miss Baktaart and the adorable wooden cake topper from Houten Enveloppenkist.

As always, I’d love to hear from you! Please let me know if these tips were helpful or share more tips in the comments below!! 

x Michaela

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The Cutest Outdoor Cake Smash + 5 Quick Tips How to Plan One // Lovely & Planned #cakesmash

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