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Hi, I'm Michaela, the heart behind Lovely & Planned. This blog is all about elopements and destination weddings, but you'll also find general tips and advice on wedding planning. I'm so happy to have you here! Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while!

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Top 5 of the Most Common Elopement Questions Answered

Top 5 of the Most Common Elopement Questions Answered // Lovely & Planned #elopement

Strictly speaking, eloping means running off IN THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT with the love of your life to SECRETLY get married! Nowadays, however, eloping is more of a trend and has become a perfectly acceptable way to get married. Still, persistent questions are revolving around elopements that confuse couples and worst-case-scenario, even scare them off from eloping entirely. So, I put together the top 5 elopement questions I hear repeatedly and answer them once and for all! So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Should we elope?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is no clear yes or no answer to that. Every couple has to decide for themselves. However, some pros and cons might help you make a decision:


An elopement is cheaper. Yes, that’s indeed the case! But before you get way too excited, see question number 3 for more clarification!

An elopement allows you to be more flexible! Like picking a location, a particular venue, a day, a time, a menu basically, everything where you otherwise would need to consider your guests!

An elopement is easier to plan. Fancy a destination wedding? Want to say yes in the middle of the world’s largest desert or on top of a mountain? Then an elopement might be the right choice for you! Just think about the logistics when trying to get 100 people on top of that mountain! But even without a fancy location, there are hundreds of other small details that you would have to think about when planning a big wedding, like welcome bags, entertainment, or food allergies, just to name a few.

An elopement is just for you! And because it is just for you, it is such an intimate and incredibly romantic moment for the two of you when you read your vows to each other.


There is only one disadvantage I can think of. HOWEVER, this is a big one!
An elopement is tough! So before you make a hasty decision based on pretty Pinterest pictures and the urge to save money, take a moment to yourself, close your eyes and imagine your big day!
How do you feel? Your friends and family are not around, there is no one to walk you down the aisle, and your wedding party isn’t around to cheer you on!

If that stresses you out, reconsider! Seriously, reconsider! You don’t have to go big or go home when it comes to your elopement. Ever thought about having a small, so-called intimate, pop-up, or micro wedding? This is basically an elopement with one considerable advantage: you celebrate your wedding with your CLOSEST friends and core family.

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Is an elopement legally binding?

That depends on where you want to elope to as marriage laws vary from state to state and from country to country. I always recommend getting information about marriage requirements first. If you are eloping to another country, my biggest advice is to get legally married in your home country BEFORE you elope. If you think: “Oh well, then we are already married, so why should we elope at all and spend money on a symbolic ceremony!”, I believe a wedding is not about signing a legal document but about your love and the promises you make to each other on your wedding day!

How much does an elopement cost?

Number three of the top 5 most common elopement questions is all about the money! But frankly, there is no way of giving you an amount as the costs depend on what YOU want! Generally speaking, elopements are cheaper than typical weddings. After all, you will save a fortune on things like food, drinks, stationery, wedding favors, and wedding entertainment!

That said, that doesn’t mean an elopement must be cheaper necessarily. It depends on what you envision for your big day! Have you been dreaming about this outrageously expensive lace wedding dress with the plunging neckline? This jaw-dropping tablescape you saw on Pinterest? Or getting married in a 5-star luxury beach resort on the Maldives? Even if you don’t spend your money on a reception for 90 people, you might still decide to go all out for your elopement!

If saving money is the most important reason for you, remember an elopement is still not for free! There are some expenses you need to calculate for such as marriage license, wedding officiant, wedding attire, and rings, just to name a few.

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Where should we elope to?

When deciding on where you want to elope to, here some questions you might find helpful for finding your perfect spot. Take a few minutes and answer them together:


  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you want a destination elopement?
  • If you decide on a destination elopement, what’s the furthest you would like to travel to?

You and your sweetheart:

  • Are you an athletic, nature-loving couple? E.g., would you enjoy hiking to your ceremony location?
  • Are you an adventurous couple? E.g., fancy a balloon ride?
  • Are you interested in culture and art? E.g., how about getting married in a museum?

Your elopement:

  • How do you picture your big day? What pictures, feelings, sounds, or smells come to your mind?
  • In particular, what word would best describe your elopement? E.g., romantic, adventurous, fun, breathtaking, relaxed
  • Which season do you like best? Spring, summer, fall or winter and why?
  • What are your three elopement must-haves? E.g., a ballgown wedding dress, an exquisite dinner after the ceremony, a string quartet, or not wearing shoes because you want to feel the sand under your toes?
  • What are your three elopement no-goes?

Once you have answered all these questions, you should have a better understanding of your elopement vision! With that in mind, get creative or ask a travel agent or wedding planner for some input!

How will our friends and family ever forgive us?

This last of the 5 most common elopement questions is, without doubt, the one that concerns couples most! If you are worried that you might hurt your friend’s or family’s feelings, here are some tips:

  • Most importantly, before announcing your elopement through social media, talk to your parents and closest friends first. Explain why you want to elope and what it means to you.
  • Have a wedding website! A website allows you to keep your friends and family involved in your elopement. Put up all the information like where you will elope to, why you elope, and include some cute facts about you. After your elopement, you should upload photos (or the link to your online gallery), your vows, and maybe even a short film.
  • Send out elopement announcements even if you have a website. This is a personal touch and shows people that you care about them.
  • Have a celebration, a small, informal gathering after your elopement with the most important people in your life!

I hope I could bring some light to the 5 most common elopement questions! If you have more questions or like to find out how I can help you plan your dream elopement, get in touch with me to set up a complimentary consultation! I’d love to find out if we are a perfect match!

Love, Michaela

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What is an elopement wedding? Is it the right thing for us? How much does it cost to elope? In this blog post I cover all these questions and more so you know everything about eloping before you make your big decision! #lovelyandplanned #elopementtips #eloping #destinationelopements

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