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Why Wedding Flowers are Essential Even for Micro Weddings I Q&A with Isibeal Studio

Large scale floral wedding installation by Isibeal Studio. Created for a beautiful micro wedding in a historic venue. Decadent yet delicate style.

Micro weddings and elopements are all about YOU: your love and your personality. While budget may play a part in your decision to keep your wedding intimate, there is one thing you should still splurge on, and that’s your floral decoration. Because not only do flowers bring joy, they also tie together different elements of your wedding, telling your unique love story in the most beautiful way.

So, in this blog post, I talk with Autumn Keller from Isibeal Studio, why wedding flowers are essential even for micro weddings and elopements.

Autumn Keller creating a tablescape for a micro wedding.

Meet the Expert:

Autumn Keller is the artist, stylist, and creative director of Isibeal Studio.

Described as a romantic since I was a child, I embraced the importance of being surrounded with beauty, art, and flowers from a very young age. Some of my favorite memories are of my grandparent’s fairytale garden; a place of endless beauty, color, interest, and little worlds of wonder. I want to create memories of intense joy and beauty for you. I truly believe that experience and memory are the authentic luxuries in life, and flowers are one of the dreamiest memory makers!

Image by Cory and Jackie

Why wedding flowers are essential even for micro weddings and elopements

Q: What do you enjoy most about creating floral settings for small, intimate weddings?

A: It’s the opportunity to be very intentional and very detailed with every element. Of course, we try to do that with any size of a wedding but having a very intimate one gives you a whole other layer of opportunity. From a couple’s perspective, it allows them to allocate more budget for creating something beautiful and make the floral decoration even more fabulous. 

Q: What’s the most significant floral trend you are seeing right now? 

A: I feel that people are more aligned with the idea to make something very personal to them instead of following Pinterest trends. Working on such a personal level with couples is exciting, and I feel like people embrace the opportunity to be themselves.

Q: Why are flowers such a vital decor element even for small, intimate weddings?

A: Flowers bring the whole setting to life. They bring beauty and personality to a wedding. It’s like the couple is being ensconced in their own small world of beauty on their wedding day. And that’s truly special. Also, creating something fabulous, like a bower of beauty just for the couple, makes their wedding day so much more memorable, unique, and magical.

Q: How do wedding flowers help create an aesthetic that showcases a couple’s one-of-a-kind love story?

A: Flowers and plants have brought beauty and light to significant life events for centuries. And the botanical world is infinitely customizable. So once you get a sense of each couple’s aesthetic, whether it’s modern and clean, or soft, dreamy, and romantic, you can curate something that perfectly reflects who they are and the setting they want to celebrate in.  

Q: What are your personal floral must-haves also for intimate weddings?

A: Personally, I would always love to see a beautiful dining table that feels like magic. Intimate weddings are also an excellent opportunity to have pretty striking and spectacular floral installation. It will make the wedding photos the dreamiest and make the couple feel like they gave themselves the best gift. But it’s important that the installation is site-specific and suits the environment where the wedding is. So, every single installation is going to be completely different.

Q: What advice would you give budget-conscious couples who would love to create a floral wow factor without breaking the bank?

A: Be thoughtful and intentional. For example, instead of sprinkling floral decoration across the entire wedding space, keep one area very simple and have very lush floral decoration in the other area, like keeping your tabletop decoration minimal but having a canopy of flowers above you.

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Q: What are your top tips for couples on choosing wedding flowers for their micro wedding?

A: It’s crucial to find a person you feel like understands you and truly gets you as you need to be able to trust them. Then dream really big with them, and express your budget restraints if you have any, and let them create something truly magical for you. 

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Let’s get to know Autumn a little bit better

Q: What inspired you to start Isibeal Studio?

A: I’ve been a lover and collector of flowers since I was a toddler. That always stayed with me. When I started the studio, my intention was to create a space to bring together all the things that I love and care about. So art, painting, collaboration, and definitely flowers. Our studio is constantly evolving, and weddings have become the heart of what we are doing right now.

Q: Where did the name Isibeal Studio come from?

A: It’s my daughter’s middle name.  

Bride in a rust colored wedding dress in front of a white mantel decorated with lush florals created by Isibeal Studio. Created for a beautiful micro wedding in a historic venue. Decadent yet delicate style.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: I look for inspiration in multiple places. Some of it comes from my own imagination but also from art and color. For me, color is a huge conveyer of emotion and story. So I look at paintings and lighting situations to become more inspired. I also try to get off from Pinterest from time to time because although it can be helpful, it is also limiting my creativity.

Q: What’s one floral trend you think should be left in the past? And what’s one trend you hope to see more of?

A: I don’t think of floral decoration in terms of what’s on-trend and what isn’t. For me, it’s more about being intentional and using flowers in a thoughtful way. Following a trend isn’t for me. But I’d love to see more couples embracing color as an option to show their personal story. 

Q: If you could create the floral design for any celebrity’s wedding, who would it be?

A: I think a pop artist would be fun because you could do so many really out-of-the-box, bright, and fabulous installations.

Q: Other than creating beautiful floral arrangements for your couples, what are you passionate about? 

A: I’m definitely passionate about food, and I enjoy exploring the world of interiors. Overall, I just love art and creating beauty with anything and for anything. 

I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. If you want to find out more about Isibeal Studio follow Autumn on Instagram @isibealstudio or head over to the website http://www.isibealstudio.com/!

And if you like to have more support planning your micro wedding or elopement, get in touch with me right here or send me an email directly at michaela@lovelyandplanned.com.

Love, Michaela

Images in this blog post: Photography by Cory and Jackie I Event Design, Stylist and Floral Design by Isibeal Studio  

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